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Out Of The Chute: Cowboys at Giants



    Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Cowboys next opponent. This week, that opponent is the New York Giants.

    The Opponent: The New York Giants.

    Record: 8-7. What a coincidence. The Cowboys have the exact same rec... OMG THIS GAME IS FOR THE DIVISION TITLE!!!!

    The Line: Giants by 3. I wish there was a way to bet on both teams accidentally setting themselves on fire before the game starts.

    Last Game: A 29-14 win over the Jets that knocked the Eagles out of playoff contention and rendered the Cowboys' penultimate game of the season meaningless. This game featured a 99-yard TD reception by Victor Cruz. END ZONE SALSA DANCES FOR ALL.

    The Coach: Tom Coughlin. Boy, he really knows how to avoid being fired, doesn't he? I tip my hat to the old codger.

    The Offense: The Cowboys better hope that this is one of those games where Hakeem Nicks drops every pass thrown his way, because he RUINED the Cowboys on Sunday night just 18 days ago. To say that Rob Ryan's defense was poor against the pass in that game is a horrific understatement. I have never seen a 12-point deficit erased in such an effortless fashion. It was as if there wasn't a defense on the field at all for the final two New York possessions. Expect Ryan to try and make up for it by playing extra DBs and forcing Eli to kill the Cowboys with short passes, praying that Bad Eli makes an appearance. It's also worth noting that Ahmad Bradshaw, who was benched for the first half again Dallas due to violating team rules, will likely be back for the entire game this time around, unless he oversleeps or something.

    The Defense: Jason Pierre-Paul was so good the last time these teams met, I thought Cris Collinsworth was gonna bake him cupcakes right up in the booth. It would be wise to block this man. I picture JPP looking at Tony Romo's hand with Terminator Vision, with a little digital bullseye appearing right on the thumb.

    Key Matchup: The Cowboys versus the inevitable. It feels as if losing this game is Tony Romo's destiny. Maybe if he can withstand the pain and break the Cowboys' six-game SNF losing streak, everything will change for good.