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Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter, Because the Bears Don't Have Any!



    Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter, Because the Bears Don't Have Any!
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    A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during an NFL football game

    Prior to each Dallas Cowboys game we at Blue Star give you a gallery called "Who's Hotter?" pitting America's Sweethearts against the opposing team's cheerleaders.

    Hands down NBCDFW users say the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the clear winners.

    But this week, we can't do the gallery, because the Chicago Bears have no cheerleaders.

    What?!? Blasphemy!! You shriek. That's right, NO CHEERLEADERS! (For fans who like girls in short shorts and knee-high white boots, we give you America's Sweethearts.)

    The Chicago Bears did have cheerleaders once upon a time. They were known as The Honey Bears.

    The official cheerleading squad of Da Bears shook their pom-poms on the sidelines from 1977 to 1985.

    It was after the '85 Bears won the Super Bowl that the McCaskey family -- which still owns the franchise -- did away with the Honey Bears, claiming the cheerleaders didn't fit the team's tough image.

    Sadly we think the McCaskey family had it all wrong. Why not change the name of the cheerleaders from The Honey Bears to something meaner? Grizzly Girls perhaps?

    Doesn't matter though, word on the street is that as long as the McCaskey family owns the team, The Honey Bears will remain a memory, despite at least two Facebook pages called "Bring Back The Honey Bears."

    Here is where team lore kicks in, apparently some fans say the team is under a "Honey Bear Curse" because the Bears haven't won a Super Bowl since 1985.

    Alas, we think the reason the Bears have a curse isn't at all because of the disbanding of the cheerleading squad, it's because of that horrible Super Bowl Shuffle, which we have seen played during VH1 Classic's "I Love the 80's" show.

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