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Jerry Jones Knows Hard Times



    Let me tell you a story, a parable concerning a young go-getter named Jerry Jones.

    You see, once upon a time, Jerry wasn't quite as stupidly wealthy as he is today. It was the late seventies. Mustaches were thought of as sexy, and worn by more than just ironic hipsters. Farrah Fawcett was welcoming awkward young men into puberty with a blinding smile. The world was a simpler place.

    And Jerry Jones--gasp--had his credit cards turned down by a car rental company at Love Field airport.

    “I told our team about how 10 years before I bought the Cowboys, I was renting a car at Love Field, and they cut my credit cards,” Jones said in reference to his post-game address to the team. “So I know what hard times are like in Dallas, and I know you can overcome it.”

    This instance was at the heart of the story Jerry related to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday after falling to the San Diego Chargers 20-17, to slide to 8-5 on the year. There must be some moral here, some lesson to be taken from this apparently irrelevant story. Perhaps Jerry, in the wake of the loss, would like his players to be mindful of their respective credit scores?

    At any rate, it seems that this is a prime case of the power confusion that so many fans and media types see as a basic structural flaw in the Dallas Cowboys. Namely, why was it Jerry, and not Wade, delivering the big post-game speech?

    One can only guess at this question. But it must have something to do with renting a car.