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It's Not All "Lollipops and Chocolates" as the Cowboys QB



    After starting the season 2-2, Tony Romo said he knows it's not always "lollipops and chocolates and fun times" for the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

    In talking with the media Thursday before practice, Romo said he's unaffected by talk that he's gone from an undisciplined turnover machine to a conservative handoff fiend.

    With four interceptions and one lost fumble in just four games, one can still make a legitimate argument for him being a turnover machine.  With Dallas running the ball more than 30 times against Denver -- the handoff fiend assessment holds water as well.  So what is going on with our Cowboys quarterback? Is the transition to find a happy balance between the wild gunslinger and the game manager not going according to the team's plan?

    "There will always be that rainbow or whatever at the end, the Lucky Charms at the end of the deal. The reality of it is, is it's just a process. It's all about getting better and proving it and eventually reaching your goal," Romo said. "Just because you don't see your success instantly doesn't mean it's not the right way to go about it.  Just because we didn't win the football game last week doesn't mean that we're not doing things the right way." 

    Romo said he is also unaffected by talk that he didn't know it was fourth down before the final end zone incompletion in Sunday's 17-10 loss at Denver. Or Tom Brady second-guessing his frequent throws in the direction of Pro Bowl Denver cornerback Champ Bailey in last weekend's game.

    "Last week doesn't indicate what kind of football team this. It doesn't indicate what kind of season you're going to have," said Romo. "It doesn't make us wavier in our belief of what we can accomplish this season."

    Romo realizes the longer his tenure gets as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, the more he realizes that along with the heaps of praises received with a win ... come the lumps from the fans and media when the team loses.

    "Not unlike the head coach, the quarterback and coach get a lot of the blame and a lot of the credit -- whether that is right or wrong. I love to talk to Troy [Aikman] and some of the other guys just to ... try and improve and to help yourself," said Romo. "The neat thing when I talk to them is, they didn't all have --  it wasn't all lollipops and chocolates and fun times along the way.  It was a lot of hard work and effort and people beating you down.  You have to have a stronger belief in yourself than the disbelief of others. I think that's part of the mental makeup you have to have to play this position and go forward."

    Romo added that he still believes in himself and his team as the 2-2 Cowboys prepare to play at winless Kansas City on Sunday.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.