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Is Felix Jones Finally Ready To Be The Bell Cow?



    Every year, the Cowboys pledge to get Felix Jones the ball more often, and every year they either fail to live up to that promise, or Jones gets hurt, or Jones does something to make Cowboys coaches want to pull him out of the game.

    Well, after two years of splitting carries with Tashard Choice and Marion Barber, there's nowhere left for either the Cowboys or Jones to hide. Barber is gone. Choice could be gone very soon. Lonyae Miller aside, that leaves Jones as the Cowboys apparent everydown back, and everyone is assuming that will be the case, according to the AP:

    “We’ve seen a maturation process of Felix really since he’s gotten here,” coach Jason Garrett said. “The more and more he’s been here I think the more he’s shown that he’s able to be a durable every-down back. ... He’s clearly taken on the mentality that ‘I’m the featured guy,’ and that’s a good thing.”

    Color me skeptical.

    Running backs aren't like other position players. Pro Bowl running backs are usually Pro Bowl running backs right away. The late bloomers like Priest Holmes and Thomas Jones are few and far in between. Jones scored all of one touchdown last season. He's never rushed for more than 1,000 yards. His YPC average has decreased dramatically from year to year. We all remember Felix busting out for a walloping 8.9 yards a carry his rookie year, and everyone back then was like MY GOD! HE'S LIKE ADRIAN PETERSON TIMES 10! Yet for the next two years, Jones still failed to become a reliable every down back. And every year that he fails in that endeavor, we have to get closer to assuming he'll never become the back we fantasized about.

    He's actually regressed since that rookie campaign, so why are the Cowboys rewarding him with an unquestioned starter's gig?

    Mark my words: You will see plenty of Lonyae Miller this year, then you'll scream at your set, "Why is Lonyae in there?", and then Felix will ruin your fantasy team because you drafted him too high, and then Jerry will trade 60 draft picks to move up and draft Trent Richardson. You've been warned. Don't let Felixmania get you.