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Irvin: Williams Was A Bad Student



    Relations between Roy Williams and Cowboys legends, as a rule, are about at strained as the elastic waistband on Rosie O'Donnell's sweatpants. 

    Deion Sanders, Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin, Darren Woodson, Deion Sanders... The list of Williams-critics reads like the cast of an NFL Network Cowboys Retrospective, of some sort. 

    That most of the Cowboys legends concerned are paid to criticize as analysts, and Williams seems to dislike criticism, sets the two at some sort of inborn odds, like cats and dogs, or Ozzie Guillen and Jay Mariotti. Which might explain why, in this day of comparing Miles Austin more than a little favorably to Roy Williams, Michael Irvin jumped on the pile on his radio show on Tuesday.

    According to Barry Horn at the Dallas Morning News Blog, Irvin pulled both receivers aside during training camp to offer advice--Austin was a sponge. Williams, apparently, was a brick wall.

    Ostensibly, Irvin stressed the importance of knowing the snap count and getting off the line; according to Irvin, Austin's receptiveness, and Williams disregard, was evident last Sunday against Seattle.

    On one play, Irvin said, Austin was four yards ahead of Williams after 12 yards, indicating that the former got off the line quicker and, presumably, did so at least in part due to the Hall of Famer's advice.