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Here Comes The Cavalry



    There's good news and there's bad news for the Cowboys coming into this weekend. The bad news is that the Cowboys have to play in New England against the GREATEST OFFENSE IN THE UNIVERSE, and will have to spend all day chasing around Wes Welker and praying that Tony Romo doesn't go into full Tony Romo Mode in the second half. Ah, but there is good news as well, and that is that the bye week has allowed two very, very important Cowboys to return to the lineup. First up, CB Orlando Scandrick:


    "He's always got some kind of attitude on around him," linebacker Victor Butler said. "The way he walks. He's a football player - he wants to hit hard, he wants to cover hard. He's a perfectionist, too. If someone's not right, he's going to yell at them. You need that kind of leadership on the field."

    Scandrick will be more important than ever this week because it will be his job as the nickel corner to cover Wes Welker in the slot. Welker has been ablaze all year long, still on pace for the first-ever 2,000-yard receiving season, which is downright insane. Scandrick's job will be to prevent Welker from getting ANY yards after the catch. They paid him like a big-time corner, so now is his chance to prove he's worth it.

    Next up: Miles Austin:


    Receivers Dez Bryant and Miles Austin practiced on Wednesday without limitations. It's first time they have both been healthy and ready to go in practice since the week of the season opener.

    And that's important because the Patriots pass defense is AWFUL, and having both Bryant and Austin in the lineup will allow Romo to take full advantage provided he can get the fork out of his back. This will be, undoubtedly, a high-scoring affair. The Cowboys need every weapon in their stockpile if they plan on keeping up with Tom Brady and company. With Austin and Scandrick back, they now have everything but a good excuse.