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Green Bay: Dangerous or Done?



    Ask Jerry Jones and former Packer Gilbert Brown just who this 2009 Green Bay team is, and you'll likely get two completely different, almost opposite answers.

    Jones sees the Packers as a wounded but dangerous team, coming off a head-scratching loss to the Bucs and rookie quarterback Josh Freeman; Brown, who played defensive tackle for the Pack through most of the nineties (with Brett Favre at the helm), sees the team as, basically, a broken machine with an incompetent head coach and little hope of anything.

    "It is the head coach's fault," Brown said, per (Via ProFootballTalk). "Everything that goes on starts with the big man upfront."

    Brown went on to deliver an invective against the season that he sees as already gone; the reason for this, in a word, is the Minnesota Vikings, who two weeks ago swept the season series with their NFC North rivals with a decisive win on the hallowed turf of Lambeau Field.

    "The Vikings have stole our swagger, period," Brown continued. "Everybody on that team stole our swagger. Took our quarterback. Took our heart on Lambeau Field. Took our heart in front of millions of fans on TV. Then you go out and lose to an 0-7 team (Tampa Bay). The debacle started when they played the Vikings right there. The two Vikings games crushed the season."

    Despite the heart-taking, and swagger-theft on the part of the Vikings, Jones contends that this Packers team will present a test on the road--the wounded dog is a dangerous one, after all--and given the capricious nature of the NFL, this is probably a good thing.

    "We've got to really get it together to go up to Green Bay," Jones said yesterday on 105.3 The Fan. "They're coming off that loss, I thought the minute that game was over, I was watching that Green Bay and Tampa and I said, 'I don't know if I like this,' because they've obviously got so much to play for--we do too, though."

    As far as the Green Bay faithful is concerned, Jones might represent an unexpected and much needed optimist of sorts, with these comments; they, at least, represent some sort of respect for what is traditionally viewed as a monumentally difficult task: winning at Lambeau. Brown, indignant, seemingly, over the loss to Tampa Bay, questions whether this will be a test at all.

    "Guys jobs [are]  riding on it and now when you lose to a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had not won a game this year," Brown said, "how do you get up to go play the Dallas Cowboys?"