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Forgotten Monte Kiffin a Free Agent



    Forgotten Monte Kiffin a Free Agent
    Jose Sanchez, NBC 5 Photojournalist
    Coach Monte Kiffin at Cowboys Camp 2014 in Oxnard, California.

    Remember when Monte Kiffin was brought in to re-tool the Dallas Cowboys defense and get them over their Rob Ryan 3-4 days? Well, it's understandable if you forgot since it's an era of Cowboys defense we'd all like to forget.

    Kiffin's signature Tampa 2 defense was a complete and utter disaster in 2013, as the Cowboys turned in the worst defensive performance in the league and one of the worst in history, period. He was relieved of his defensive coordinator duties in 2014 for his longtime buddy Rod Marinelli, who used the same scheme but helped the Cowboys defense back to respectability.

    All the while, Kiffin was technically still on staff as Assistant Head Coach/Defense, even though none of us really remembered that fact or heard his name mentioned in 2014 outside of, "man, remember how bad Monte Kiffin's defense was?"

    Well, now Kiffin's contract is up, and it appears the 75-year-old will be put out to pasture instead of being retained like Marinelli was, along with offensive play-caller Scott Linehan.