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Excuses For Not Playing Tashard Choice Get More Ridiculous



    As much as Cowboys fans would like to see Tashard Choice have a big game for the team this season, you have to believe there's a little part of all of them that looks forward to the day that Choice runs for 124 yards and two touchdowns while playing for the Seahawks or Cardinals or whatever team finally gives him a chance.

    People always do their best to play it down, but it is awfully fun to be the guy who gets to say "I told you so." For a brief moment, you feel smart, superior and psychic because you were able to correctly predict just how things were going to go down way ahead of time. Multiply that feeling by about a million and you'll get an idea of just how many people are going to be smiling when Choice breaks out while wearing a uniform given to him by someone other than Jerry Jones.

    It's becoming clearer and clearer that he's never going to get a chance to shine for the Cowboys. Jones stuck yet another nail in that coffin on Tuesday when he addressed the reason why Choice isn't getting a chance to play.

    "First of all, Tashard needs to be a better special teams player," Jones said. "Your third back has to be a real contributor on special teams and he’s not. That really handicaps him."

    Jones gave a perfectly fine answer for why Choice, or any other player, might not be on the active roster on Sunday or why a popular training camp player got cut. But it's a pretty awful answer to the question of why Choice isn't getting any playing time during a 2010 season that's seen him in uniform every week. You're already giving him a roster spot, so why in the world does his ability on special teams make a bit of difference when it comes to playing time on offense?

    It's a dodge and the worst kind of dodge because it doesn't come close to making rational sense. If Choice's inability to play special teams is such a negative, he shouldn't be on the roster. If he's a good enough running back to make the team in spite of not contributing on special teams, he should be playing a role on the offense.

    Right now all he's doing is wasting a roster spot on a team that isn't good enough to give those away and the man in charge of personnel decisions is trying to justify it through a nonsensical slight of hand.

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