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Don't Get Down About a Cowboys Victory



    Is it possible to please Cowboys fans?

    Tony Romo got booed in the first quarter on Sunday's 23-13 win over the Seahawks because he slid at the end of a scramble on third down. This is the same Romo who is playing with broken ribs and the same Romo who was pilloried for fumbling on a similar play during the season opening loss to the Jets. Romo did the smart thing, preserving possession and getting the Cowboys three points instead of nothing.

    There wasn't much booing the rest of the way, but there wasn't all that much enthusiasm about the victory either. Jean-Jacques Taylor of summed up the general reaction pretty well when he criticized the Cowboys for not routing the Seahawks by summing up the win with a heartily sarcastic "big whoop-de-doo."

    Granted, it wasn't the most exciting game that the world has ever seen and the Cowboys struggled to stop the running game of a team that hasn't been too successful in that phase of the game to this point of the season. But the overwhelmingly negative reaction still seems out of place.

    The Cowboys needed a win on Sunday so that they could turn the page from the Eagles loss. They needed a win to get their record back to .500 at the halfway point of the season with an easy stretch of schedule unfolding in front of them. They needed a win, not a blowout win or a performance on par with Super Bowl winners from the past. They just needed a win.

    And they got one. Would it really have changed all that much if Dez Bryant didn't fumble on his way into the end zone in the second quarter? If the score was 30-13 instead of 23-13, does it make the Cowboys' effort all that much more impressive?

    Of course it doesn't. The Cowboys did what they needed to do on offense by moving the ball, feeding DeMarco Murray and not turning the ball over. The run defense could have been better, but the defense turned in interceptions on two straight Tarvaris Jackson passes. Those picks became 10 points and put the game away in the second half.

    You might not think that this Cowboys team is heading anywhere special this year, but, again, what was going to happen on Sunday to make you think otherwise? The Cowboys won a game Sunday and they won it fairly convincingly. Don't turn that into a bad thing.