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Does Romo Need To Speak Out About Wade’s Firing?



    Tony Romo has been laying low since having his collarbone snapped by the Giants a few weeks back, and that isn’t sitting well with the tastefully named Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News, who says Romo's reluctance to speak out about Wade Phillips' ouster is a sign that he lacks leadership skills:  

    You think the folks in Indianapolis don't care what Peyton Manning has to say? When Tom Brady and Drew Brees speak, you think their fans don't care?

    Do you think they're ambivalent in San Diego or Green Bay, when Philip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers has an opinion about the team?


    You certainly cared what Troy Aikman had to say about the Cowboys – and you still do. The same goes for Roger Staubach.

    What it says it that you don't believe in Romo, which is too bad. It's a bad decision by Romo to keep quiet.

    Taylor asked fans via Facebook and Twitter if any of them cared that Romo said nothing about Phillips or his new coach, Jason Garrett. Two people said yes. For my money, that’s two people too many. I don’t exactly know what Taylor is angling for here. What the heck is Romo going to say about the situation that will matter to anyone? Do the Cowboys or their fans really need Romo standing at a podium and saying that it was too bad Wade got canned, but darnit they’ll just keep trying to win best they can? That’s stupid and pointless.

    You can criticize Romo for his leadership skills all you like. You’ll have no shortage of good examples, but this isn’t one of them. A quarterback’s job is to lead an offense, not to be some media mouthpiece. The next interesting thing I hear Tom Brady say will be the first. It doesn’t matter. For all we know, Romo already addressed the team about the situation in private. Or he declined since he isn’t even playing right now, which is more than appropriate.

    The fact that fans don’t care that Romo piped up about it doesn’t mean they have no faith in Romo (though that might be true for various other reasons). It means they have a brain. You’re barking up the wrong tree, Jean-Jacques.

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