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Dallas Tackles Drawing Giants' Ire



    In all likelihood, Flozell Adams' wallet is about to get a bit lighter.

    Adams was called for tripping New York's Justin Tuck in the first quarter of Sunday night's loss, a play that resulted in Tuck missing the rest of the game with a shoulder injury. Fortunately, the injury wasn't all that serious and Tuck will be back next week as New York plays Tampa Bay.

    It could have been worse, though, which is why a fine is almost assuredly headed in "The Hotel's" direction. Predictably, Tuck wasn't all too happy about the play.

    "I think it was bush league," Tuck said in today's New York Daily News. "He did it a few times in that game. Unfortunately, he didn't get called the other times."

    Asked if Adams should be punished, Tuck said, "I would've liked to have the rest of the game to punish him for that, but it didn't happen," before going on to indict Adams as a man with a poor reputation, with respect to such things, around the league.

    But Adams wasn't the only offensive tackle to get under the skin of the opposition.

    Brandon Jacobs, New York's ultra-vocal running back, got his panties in a twist when Marc Colombo apparently shoved him after the game-winning Lawrence Tynes field goal. Jacobs, who accrued 58 yards on 16 carries, said, "I better not see him anywhere."

    Asked what he'd do if he did see Colombo (who is four inches taller and around fifty pounds heavier than Jacobs), Jacobs said, "I'm just going to let him know that it was a real disrespectful thing for him to do."