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Cowboys Tickets At Center Of R.I. Scam Charges



    A Rhode Island man has been charged with conning an associate out of upwards of $7,500 after promising the alleged victim Cowboys tickets for the 2009 season.

    According to the Providence Journal 38 year-old Charles Pruenca met the alleged victim on March 13, only weeks after being released from prison on charges of bail violation, and said that he had a connection in Dallas.

    In the subsequent weeks, Pruenca got around $7,500 from the man, promising four season tickets for $5,500 and food and beverage service at each game for an additional $2,000.

    This is the last in a long string of charges levied against Pruenca, who was awaiting trial on eight previous charges on criminal misappropriation of funds.

    According to the report in The Journal, Pruenca had posed as a real estate agent, a Boston Red Sox employee and a cancer patient in the past, and scammed any number of friends, family members and other acquaintances out of more than a half a million dollars.

    The State Police's Financial Crimes Unit contacted the front office at Cowboys Stadium, and were told that there were no tickets in Pruenca's name. He was arrested on Monday.