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Cowboys Offer Refund, World’s Worst Excuse (Updated)



    FRIDAY UPDATE: The Cowboys deny sending the portion of the email beginning with "If it helps at all, the only reason so many party passes were sold for Sunday's game was to break the attendance record." Mike stands by his story. Ticketmaster has ceased refunding for party passes as of this time.

    Meet Mike. Mike bought a Party Pass to Sunday Night’s game. And, like many other fans who did likewise that evening, Mike was less than thrilled with the experience. So Mike wrote to the Cowboys to complain, firmly but politely. And lo and behold, the team wrote him back and offered him an apology and a full refund. (Did you get one of these emails? If you did we want to hear from you! Email us at

    Hi Michael,

    I sincerely apologize for the problematic experience you and your family endured on Sunday. In order to help make the situation right, we can offer you a refund or comp party passes to another game this season.

    If you would like a refund, Ticketmaster will issue the refund for your party pass purchase. Please contact them at 1-800-653-8000. We have communicated with Ticketmaster, and they are aware of the refund process for this event.

    A classy, compassionate response from the Cowboys. They said they were sorry, and offered Mike his money back. Surely, that took the sting out of what Mike and his family went through on Sunday Night, with the lack of bathroom access and inability to actually walk inside the stadium and what not.

    If only the letter had ended there, I think we could all agree that this little Party Pass fiasco was ready to be a memory. But the letter goes on, and this is where it gets a little odd. Mike bolded the sentence he found most curious: 

    If it helps at all, the only reason so many party passes were sold for Sunday's game was to break the attendance record. I can assure you that only 1/3 of that amount of party passes will be sold for each game going forward...10,000 max instead of 30,000. That was a one-time deal for the grand opening of the stadium.

    Sincerely, Dallas Cowboys Football Club

    “If it’s any consolation, we were just using you!” I think it’s great the Cowboys made amends to Mike so quickly, and gave him easy instructions for how to get his money back. But that bolded sentence above told Mike three things.

    1) The Cowboys KNEW they were selling too many Party Passes for that evening, and that problems were going to occur. 2) The Cowboys decided to oversell them anyway, for the sole purpose of breaking a record only Jerry Jones could possibly give a crap about. 3) They happily admit it, and assume you’ll accept this as a solid reason for hosing you.

    Again, Mike got his money back. So no harm, no foul. Still, it leaves a bad taste to know the Cowboys were all too willing to allow 20,000 more fans into the joint than is really comfortable, just to help boost the Double J’s already healthy ego. If you bought a Party Pass and weren’t happy with your night, by all means write the team here and get your refund. And tell them that purposefully screwing 20,000 people is only acceptable if you’re Gene Simmons.