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Andy Reid On Romo, Common Distractions



    Andy Reid is something of an expert on distractions, particularly ones that involve a certain Buffalo resident with his own reality show and an affinity for taking off his shirt.

    In discussing Tony Romo's growth as a leader this season--a topic touched on yesterday by Donovan McNabb--Reid may have given a sly jab to Mr. Owens in his praise for the Cowboys' shot-caller, as reported by David Moore over at the Dallas Morning News.

    "It's obvious he's a leader of the offense," Reid said of Romo. "Not that he wasn't before, but there were a couple of distractions there and he doesn't have any of that. He's playing great football."

    Granted; but whatever the case, it's generally accepted as fact that the 2008 Cowboys were plagued by distraction, the greatest portion of which came from the always attention-famished Owens (Ed Werder being a close second). Therefore, there's little doubt who and what Reid was talking about, right?

    When asked to expand, Reid demurred, "I think it was that hole in the dome."

    Catching the run of Reid's remarks, the coach was asked if McNabb grew as a leader after, say, some certain distraction was forcibly removed from Philadelphia.

    "Well," Reid said, "we didn't have the hole in the dome."