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    NBC 5 Meteorologists

    North Texas has some of the most interesting weather on the planet. From scorching summer sun to paralyzing winter ice storms, from months of parching drought to days of flooding rains, from the first crisp days of fall to the violent thunderstorms of spring: no place on earth offers more variety in its weather.

    The geographic location of the Metroplex explains some of the reasons for that variety. The Rocky Mountains to our west block some of the moisture from incoming Pacific storms. That accounts for the dry desert regions of west Texas. But the Gulf of Mexico, with its rich supply of warm moist air, provides the rainfall necessary for the dense forests of the east Texas piney woods region.

    South Texas, with its proximity to Mexico, has an almost tropical climate. But the high plains of the Texas panhandle experience numbing sub-zero cold almost every winter. In between, our region of North Texas is subject to all of these effects. A shift in the wind from south to north can change our weather from tropical to arctic overnight. And a dry west wind can shift to the east, bringing torrents of rain just as quickly.

    Forecasting these frequent changes in Texas weather has never been easy. That's why, for more than 60 years, NBC 5 has always insisted on having professional meteorologists for all of its weathercasts. We don't claim to be perfect, but we do claim that the very best forecasts come from weather forecasters who have degrees in meteorology. That's what we provide on every newscast at NBC 5. And that is something no other television station in the Metroplex can offer.

    Meet the NBC 5 Meteorologists: