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Entrepreneur Starts Local Barbecue Tour

First tour beings Oct. 4, includes food and transportation

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    A local entrepreneur is starting the "Texas Bar-B-Q Tour" on Oct. 4.

    If you want to tour some of the best in North Texas barbecue, you'll soon be able to -- at a price.

    The Star-Telegram reports a local entrepreneur is starting the "Texas Bar-B-Q Tour" on Oct. 4.

    Falling For Off The Bone

    [DFW] Falling For Off The Bone
    Off The Bone is just as popular with people who work in television as it is with regular Joes. (Published Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010)

    Billy Delp told the paper that he was inspired by a food tour owner in New York who suggested a barbecue tour after Delp inquired about a tour of New York pizzerias.

    The four-and-a-half hour tour will stop at Angelo's, Smokey's, and Off The Bone in Dallas and will set you back $75. The cost includes the food and transportation to each location.

    You can take the tour Tuesday-Friday, with a special version for Saturday guests. For more information and to buy tickets, click here to find the official site.

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