Dallas: Swingers Club Is Not a Church

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    Dallas says a man who claims his after-hours dance club is a church says the same about his alleged swingers club.

    The city of Dallas says a man who claims his after-hours dance club is a church also operates a swingers club on a property licensed for a place of worship.

    Dallas filed a lawsuit late Monday against Glenn Hudson, the owner of The Playground. The city said it is an unlicensed sexually oriented business that operates on a property in the 11300 block of Harry Hines Boulevard that has a certificate of occupancy as a church, mosque or synagogue.

    In a court hearing Tuesday, Hudson said The Playground is a religious "outreach mission," the Dallas attorney's office said a statement.

    Hudson similarly defended a business that was the subject of a separate lawsuit last week.

    The city filed suit over after-hours dance parties held at a "drug-infested" club that does not have a permit to operate as a dance club. Hudson told the city Darkside is a youth outreach ministry, according to court documents.

    According to court papers, a three-month Dallas police investigation of The Playground indicates it is a swingers club that "caters to adults, often couples, who wish to engage in random consensual sexual activities on-site with adults other than their spouses."

    Hudson allegedly shows pornographic videos on big-screen televisions and has topless dancers. Court documents also said a VIP area offered beds, condoms and more pornographic videos.

    According to court documents, the business' website advertises themed nights that included an appearance by a porn actor.

    The city attorney's office said a judge issued a temporary restraining order that prohibits Hudson from operating The Playground until Aug. 3, when a hearing is scheduled.

    Dallas said it will seek an injunction at a hearing Aug. 3 that prohibits Hudson from operating The Playground and Darkside until a trial can be held.

    The city said last week that Hudson told city officials he is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.


    Universal Life Church says on its website

    that it has ordained more than 20 million people worldwide. It offers "free online ordination" by filling out a quick online form.

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