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Q: Is The I.R.S. Really In My Inbox?

IRS e-mails are likely phishing schemes

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    Identity thieves have a new e-mail flying into inboxes across the county. The messages claim they originated at the I.R.S, Justice Department, or the Federal Trade Commission, and are designed to fool consumers into giving our their personal information.

    Most of the e-mails tell consumers that they’re under investigation or may have a tax refund pending verification, while some are targeted only to small business owners.

    In any case, these e-mails are fraudulent. Government officials say recipients of such messages should be suspicious for one simple reason: federal agencies rarely communicate with citizens through e-mail.

    In response to the growing amount of identity theft, phishing schemes, and other online dangers, the government has set up a special website designed to help consumers navigate through the Web: OnGuard Online

    Tools on the OnGuard website offer resources to identify phishing schemes, protect kids and adults online, and secure your computer.

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