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Football Returns Under the Lights at Mustang-Panther Stadium



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    The lights were on at Mustang-Panther Stadium in Grapevine for the first football game of the season Thursday night.

    In August, the stadium's lights were removed after one of the poles crashed to the ground. No one was hurt during the incident.

    The remaining three light poles were removed as a precaution and replaced with new lights.

    During the process, the games had to be rearranged.

    Junior varsity teams from Grapevine and L.D. Bell High Schools took the field Thursday night.

    Parents and young athletes were just glad to be on the field.

    "It was really scary when we first heard the news, just because it was so lucky no one was injured, they resolved the problem quickly got it back up we have football going back on," said parent Melissa Johnson.

    Friday night at 7:30 p.m. the lights at Mustang-Panther Stadium will be on again as Colleville Heritage takes on Euless Trinity.