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Perry Feeling Good Going Into Tuesday

Perry is still drawing crowds despite polls

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    Rick Perry’s last campaign stop the day before the Iowa Caucuses must of felt like a home. The rally was in Dallas County. Dallas County, Iowa, that is, in a town called Perry.

    “You have my back tomorrow, I’ll have your back for the next four years,” Perry told the crowd of more than 150 at the Hotel Patee.

    Dallas County resident Rich Detlefsen was in the crowd wearing a Perry for President sticker on his cowboy hat.

    Detlefsen said Perry wasn’t his first choice, but will be his final choice.

    “Initially, I was 100 percent for Bachmann. And Pawlenty dropped out. And then along comes Rick Perry. Listen to him. Heard him a little more, heard him a little more, think about it. It was a good fit,” said Detlefsen, a former farmer and computer technician.

    Detlefsen said he even considered the other Texan in the race, Congressman Ron Paul, but just couldn’t come to terms with Paul’s foreign policy stances.

    Detlefsen said the despite Perry’s campaign gaffes and dip in the polls, Perry job creation message convinced him to caucus for Perry.

    “I like the message regarding jobs. This is something our future, for the whole country, no matter where you go. That's a major, major issue,” Detlefsen said.