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Unruly American Airlines Passenger Arrested in Miami

Man in FBI custody after incident on flight from Jamaica



    Authorities at Miami International Airport for reports of an unruly passenger.

    A passenger on an American Airlines Miami-bound flight from Jamaica was arrested at Miami International Airport Friday morning after he became unruly, officials said.

    The incident happened on American Airlines flight 320 from Montego Bay, which landed at MIA at 10:12 a.m., officials said.

    Airport officials said they received an urgent call at 10:19 a.m., as the plane was taxiing, that there was an unruly passenger onboard.

    Officials said the plane's crew had become concerned about his behavior, and the FBI was investigating whether the suspect rushed the cockpit door.

    Tim Smith from American Airlines says the unruly passenger stood up in the main cabin after landing and did not obey crew members. The passenger allegedly walked toward the front where he was subdued.

    "We are aware of an incident on a plane in bound to MIA today (AA 320) in which a passenger reportedly rushed the cockpit door," FBI spokesman Michael Leverock said in a statement. "The FBI is investigating the alleged incident, nevertheless the plane did land safely without damage to the plane or injuries."

    Miami-Dade Police boarded the plane and took the unidentified man into custody. He was turned over to the FBI, officials said.

    No other information was immediately available. 

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