Two Big Cats at In-Sync Exotics Die From Distemper

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    In-Sync Exotics
    Apollo (left) and Layla (right) both died this week. They were both battling canine distemper.

    Two of the 22 exotic cats fighting canine distemper at In-Sync Exotics have died according to the wildlife rescue organization in Wylie.

    In-Sync says 12-year-old Apollo had been doing better, even eating his dinner and taking all of his medicine Saturday night, but at 1 a.m. Sunday he had his first and only seizure.

    Wylie Tigers Stricken With Distemper

    [DFW] Wylie Tigers Stricken With Distemper
    An unusual outbreak of distemper is threatening the lives of about 20 big cats at In-Sync Exotics, a Collin County wild animal rescue. (Published Friday, June 14, 2013)

    Apollo underwent emergency surgery Sunday to repair his stomach, which became twisted during the seizure. In-Sync says 10 minutes after returning home from surgery he stopped breathing.

    In-Sync said Layla, a lioness who was about a week away from her 18th birthday, stopped breathing Monday night.

    Kids Raise Money for Big Cats Sickened by Distemper

    [DFW] Kids Raise Money for Big Cats Sickened by Distemper
    Mira and Miriam Shams-Rainey are reading to raise money for the 22 tigers, lions and leopards at In-Sync Exotics that have been sickened by canine distemper. (Published Tuesday, July 2, 2013)

    "These two losses have been devastating to our staff and volunteers who are working so very hard to save these guys from this wretched, horrible virus," said Lisa Williams with In-Sync Exotics via email.

    Some 22 tigers, lions and leopards at a Wylie wildlife rescue organization have come down with canine distemper, an often-fatal disease more common in dogs.

    While canine distemper is usually associated with dogs, some other animals including tigers can get it too.

    In-Sync Exotics owner Vicky Keahey told NBC 5 she wasn't sure how the exotic cats got the virus but speculates they may have been infected by raccoons who live in the nearby woods.