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Texas Secretary of State Launches Voter Education Drive

Hopes to clear up confusing elements



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    Texas Secretary of State hopes to educate voters on voting laws and casting ballots.

    Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade is launching a voter education drive for the 2012 election.

    She'll begin the statewide campaign Wednesday to answer questions about voting laws and dismiss misperceptions about casting ballots.

    The Texas primary elections moved from March 6 to May 29 because of a challenge to the state's new political maps. Now many candidates worry people don't know when to vote, or who the candidates are in their districts. The delay also changed the date for any run-off elections to July 31.

    Another unresolved issue is whether voters will have to show an official picture ID when they vote in the general election on Nov. 6.

    A federal court will review that law in July to determine if the measure discriminates against minority voters.