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Taggers Use Fire Extinguishers to Put Out the Paint

Vandals find ways to spray on graffiti even higher



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    A few taggers are reportedly using fire extinguishers to propel paint even higher, costing the city more money to clean up the mess.

    Taggers are putting fire extinguishers to a new use in Fort Worth, city leaders say.

    Some taggers are using the devices to propel paint even higher, making it much tougher for the city to cover up their mess.

    "We've probably seen about three or four sites in the last six months," said Alison Letnes, of the Parks and Community Services Department. "We have to use a bucket truck to get it clean, so the cost is more to get it removed."

    Mayor Mike Moncrief said he is concerned, saying the getting rid of graffiti remains a top priority in Fort Worth. He said getting rid of it helps cut down on crime and other problems.

    "Our officers are going to pay more attention to who's got fire extinguishers in their possession," he said. "I can't believe that many young people are going to be running around with fire extinguishers, concerned about putting out a fire."