Police Ask Delta Rapist to Turn Himself In

Serial rapist still sought in attacks against sorority members

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    Police are appealing to the conscience of the man who has attacked at least four alumnae of a national black sorority.

    The man has attacked at least four members of Delta Sigma Theta in home-invasion-style attacks since November 2010, sexually assaulting three of them. Women in Plano, Coppell and Shady Shores have been attacked.

    Serial Rapist Still Unidentified

    [DFW] Serial Rapist Still Unidentified
    Three police departments lose hope of catching a serial rapist unless he commits another assault. (Published Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012)

    "Read your conscience, follow your conscience, turn yourself in so you can put this behind you," said Andrae Smith, of Plano police.

    A three-department task force of detectives from Coppell, Plano and Corinth have been working around the clock, following leads in hopes of making an arrest.

    Police Release Sketch of Serial Rapist

    [DFW] Police Release Sketch of Serial Rapist
    Plano Police released a sketch of a serial rapist, but police warn his attacks may not be limited to a single sorority. (Published Monday, Dec 12, 2011)

    Investigators have video, photographs, DNA and an understanding of how the man has operated. Local and national news coverage has generated leads, but none that have led them to the attacker.

    Police said they hope either someone will identify him or he will turn himself in as investigators keeping the video and photos of the man in the public consciousness.

    Sketch of Man in Sorority Attacks Released

    [DFW] Sketch of Man in Sorority Attacks Released
    Plano police release a composite sketch of the man who has attacked several members of Delta Sigma Theta. (Published Friday, Dec 9, 2011)