Insurance Changes Push End-of-Year-Care Rush

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    More people are trying to book visits to the doctors' office before Jan. 1.

    Doctors' offices are always busy at the end of the year, but some physicians say there's an increased urgency among some patients facing insurance changes.
    “Every day, we hear stories about the patient whose deductible is going to triple next year, or their prescription medicines won't be covered or certain doctors visits won't be covered,” said Dr. Richard Honaker, a family practice physician in Carrollton. “People's insurance is changing for the worst."

      Now offices are packed with people who want all the tests and prescriptions they can get before the end of the year, in an effort to limit their visits to doctors' offices after Jan. 1.
    “A lot of people are finding that the insurance they have now is more patient friendly than the insurance they will have January 1st,” Honaker said.