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Life for Hillsboro Woman Who Killed Her Daughter



    Hill County Sheriff's Dept.
    Debra Janelle Jeter

    A plea agreement means life in prison without parole for a 33-year-old central Texas woman over the slashing death of one of her daughters and the wounding of the other.

    Debra Janelle Jeter of Hillsboro pleaded guilty Tuesday to capital murder and attempted capital murder. Investigators say she and her husband were divorcing and it was her first time with the two girls under a custody agreement.

    Jeter's 12-year-old daughter, Kelsey, died in last June's attack. Her now-14-year-old daughter, Kiersten, was critically hurt.

    The mother, in her 911 call, is heard saying "I just killed my children." She then tells the dispatcher that "one of them is still alive, hurry" and "get an ambulance out here to save the one that didn't die."

    Jeter said she had a knife and gave her location at an abandoned house.