"Happy Trails" Raises Awareness About Safety

New campaign addresses bike etiquette city-wide

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    The Park Department plans to count traffic on the Katy Trail and clock bicycle speeds to determine how to improve safety.

    Last year's accidental death of a 28-year-old woman brought attention to safety issues on Dallas' Katy Trail.

    Thus the city unveiled its "Happy Trails" campaign in an effort to better educate people about safety and bike etiquette on the popular trail, as well as other trails in the city.

    All major Dallas trails will have signs installed, reminding users to bike at a safe speed, announce when passing on the left and looking before turning.

    More than 400 signs, some in written in Spanish, will line the trail by the end of the campaign.

    Lights Return to Dallas' Katy Trail

    [DFW] Lights Return to Dallas' Katy Trail
    After thieves stripped the copper wire from 12 lights along the southern end of the Katy Trail, the lights are back on.

    Presently there isn't a speed limit for bike riders, but the Parks Department said it plans to count traffic and clock bicycle speeds to determine what else can happen to ensure trail safety.

    NBC DFW's Kim Fischer contributed to this report.