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Face Transplant Patient Granted Restraining Order



    Dallas Wiens and his daughter Scarlette.

    Dallas Wiens the 25-year-old father who received a full-face transplant last month was granted a temporary retraining order against a British media company he said has been harassing him.

    In March, Wiens underwent a 15 hour surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston with 30 physicians to replace his nose, lips, skin, muscles and nerves.

    Fort Worth Father Gets New Face

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    A Texas construction worker horribly disfigured in a power line accident has undergone the nation's first full face transplant. Dallas Wiens, 25, received a new nose, lips, skin, muscle and nerves from an unidentified dead person in a 15-hour operation.
    (Published Monday, March 21, 2011)

    Wiens attorney said the temporary restraining order against Barcroft Media resulted from a suit filed against the company after it allegedly attempted to enter into a fraudulent contract with Wiens to tell his story.

    "Despite several written and verbal requests that Barcroft Media cease contact with my client, the company continues to harass Dallas and his family during his critical recovery period. Based on the court’s order, Barcroft Media is barred from contacting my client and continuing its predatory practices," said Wiens' attorney Lory Moore in an email statement.

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    Dr. Jeffery Janis talks about Dallas Wiens face transplant surgery and his place as a spokesperson for the surgery in the future.
    (Published Monday, March 21, 2011)

    Court documents allege Barcroft Media began contacting Wiens in January 2010 asking for "exclusive international rights" to his story, photographs and video in hopes of producing a documentary about Wiens.

    Weins' attorneys say he never agreed to exclusive terms with the company "specializing in exploitative programming such as 'Is This China’s Fattest Kid?' and 'Legless Dancer TV Hit.'"

    In court documents, Wiens' attorneys say despite being asked to no longer contact him, agents with Barcroft Media have repeatedly tried to contact him, his family, attorneys, hospital staff and a public relations firm helping Wiens' on a pro bono basis.

    On Tuesday, the 96th District Court of Texas in Fort Worth granted the temporary restraining order against Barcroft Media.

    NBCDFW has not received a response from Barcroft Media.