Denton County: Drain Standing Water Regardless of Low Mosquito Counts

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    The Denton County Health Department is urging folks to practice strong West Nile Virus prevention regardless of low mosquito counts and a slow start to the season. (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    After another round of heavy rain, the Denton County Health Department’s Director, Dr. Bing Burton, is urging the public to get in the practice of draining standing water.

    Burton said Tuesday that at this point mosquito populations are low due in part to a cooler start to the season, but very soon, standing pools will be ideal for bugs to breed; especially when the weather gets consistently warmer.

    The Health Department has started posting West Nile prevention tips in public buildings and they’ve even placed a large banner along Loop 288 reinforcing the practice of prevention.

    "We just need to be diligent. We can train ourselves well and build some good habits to take care of that standing water right away,” said Dr. Burton.

    So far, Denton County has tested one round of trapped mosquitoes for the year with no positive results reported.

    Burton said many traps didn’t even produce enough mosquitoes to test for the virus.