Dallas Woman Killed in Drive-By

Family mourns woman hit while visiting her mother

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    Dallas police say they have strong leads in a drive-by shooting that killed a 53-year-old mother and grandmother Tuesday night.

    Margaret Robinson was shot while sitting in the living room of her 83-year-old mother's Hamilton Park home.

    Husband Grieving After Deadly Drive-By Shooting

    [DFW] Husband Grieving After Deadly Drive-By Shooting
    Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that killed a 53-year-old mother and grandmother. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011)

    “I’m going to miss her," her husband said. "That was all I had to live for. That was my wife."

    He said she visited her mother three times a day, every day. But he said he now wishes he had not taken her to his mother-in-law's house Tuesday night.

    “I would say, 'Baby, please, let's go home and don't stop by here,'" he said. "If I had any idea, we would have never stopped by here."

    Witnesses reported seeing a car slow down in front of the house before hearing a barrage of bullets.

    Robinson was struck in the stomach.

    “You can practically say my wife died in my arms," her husband said. "I kept on trying to hold her and keep her alive.”

    Police would not say whether the shooting was random or if the house was targeted. Either way, they said they don’t believe Robinson was the intended target.

    “I love her, and she was the best," said Treasa Robinson, her oldest daughter. "She taught her girls how to be ladies and her sons how to be men."

    Robinson is survived by behind her four adult children and her husband.

    “I just hope they catch the people who did the shooting,” her husband said.

    Robinson’s family said police told them they have a good idea of who they are looking for but do not have any one in custody yet.