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Stolen Construction Tool Contains Radioactive Material

Stolen from a contractor's driveway



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    Police in Grand Prairie are looking for a piece of construction equipment with radioactive material inside.

    Police say the stolen item, a nuclear density gage, is used to measure soil density. The tool is worth about $4500.
    It was stolen on Monday night from outside a contractor’s home on Brittany Lane.

    Police say that while the amount of radioactive material is kept within a layered area of the device, it shouldn’t leak out easily.

    The amount inside, according to detectives, is about the same as what’s contained in the scope of a rifle. Still, because it is radioactive, if found, a hazmat team will most likely get involved.

    “It has the universal sign for radiation. Are we going to call the fire department with their hazmat team? Most definitely,” say Detective Lyle Gensler.

    Police are hoping the equipment is turned in soon. If you see the tool, call the Grand Prairie police department.