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Coffee, Doughnuts and a Helping of God

Church opens drive through to reach morning commuters



    Dough-n't ya want some? Stop by for donuts, coffee and a free CD with a sermon and gospel music on Friday morning.

    Fast-paced and focused on the day ahead, drivers along Hillcrest in Dallas were greeted with a sea of smiles Thursday morning.

    "Some people would just glance over, other people... mild interest, but some people were really slowing down," said Brendan Kimbrough, member, Trinity Hillcrest Church.

    The drive-thru at Trinity Hillcrest Church in Dallas was serving up free coffee and donuts with a side of something extra Thursday.  The drive-thru church also provided drivers with a sermon and gospel music on CD.
    "Our job is to put on a good face and let people know that  we care about them, that we love them," said Kimbrough.

    Those who stopped often asked for prayer with relationship, health and economic issues, but church members hope those who passed got something out of it, too. 

    "A lot of those people that don't stop still see us as a witness and know that we care about them, and we hope that comes across," said Kimbrough.

    Church members will provide the same service on Friday morning between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.