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Doctor Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

Dallas neuro oncologist raising money to help brain tumor patients



    After fifteen years as one of only three neuro oncologists in the metroplex, Dr. Virginia Stark-Vance grew tired of seeing finances stand in the way of the life saving treatments available to patients.

    "Chemotherapy is expensive.  Radiation is expensive.  Surgery is expensive.  It all is, so that's why we wanted to find some direct way to meet these needs," said Stark-Vance.

    Legacy Brain Foundation Funding Patients, Not Research

    [DFW] Legacy Brain Foundation Funding Patients, Not Research
    A North Texas doctor is raising money to help meet the financial needs of her patients forced to pay for expensive therapies.
    (Published Monday, April 26, 2010)

    She's taken pro bono cases and even paid for some patient treatments herself, but she wanted to do more. So, four years ago she started the Legacy Brain Foundation; a group whose sole purpose is to raise money, not for research, but to help patients with their financial needs.

    "Why work so hard on finding new treatments when we can't even utilize the ones that we have? And the reason we can't utilize the ones that we have is because they're so expensive," said Stark-Vance.

    Through the sale of fine art at their annual "Stars Come Out "event, the group awards one thousand dollar grants to patients in need.|

    "There are people that have tens of thousands of dollars of needs, and a thousand dollars is kind of a drop in the bucket, but it may, like I said, help keep their lights on," said Stark-Vance.

    The other thing it does is provide hope to patients who are fighting for their lives.