Lights Turned Off for Dozens Over Stolen Meters

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    Oncor Electric Delivery said the meters at the Wyndham Pointe Apartments have been tampered with and some of them were stolen from somewhere else.

    Residents of a Fort Worth apartment complex had to get by with no electricity for the second day Friday.

    Most of the Wyndham Pointe Apartments on Boca Raton Boulevard went dark Thursday when Oncor Electric Delivery pulled the power meters. The company said the meters have been tampered with and some of them were stolen from somewhere else.

    Apartment Complex Power Problems

    [DFW] Apartment Complex Power Problems
    A Fort Worth apartment complex was without electricity after Oncor disconnected power for most of the residents at the Wyndham Pointe Apartments. (Published Monday, May 3, 2010)

    "They done took my meter, and I do not know why," resident Laticia Jackson said.

    She said she was forced her to send her asthmatic daughter to a relative's home.

    Oncor Cuts Power to Complex After Evidence of Theft

    [DFW] Oncor Cuts Power to Complex After Evidence of Theft
    Dozens of families at a Fort Worth apartment complex are without power after Oncor said some were stealing electricity. (Published Monday, May 3, 2010)

    "She has a breathing machine," Jackson said. "She has to take [medicine] everyday. It plugs up in the wall. And I could not plug it in the wall to give it to her because I had no lights. I've paid my monthly bills every month."

    "They took our whole transformer because someone's messing with the wiring, which was not me," said Jenny Spratt, another resident.

    Residents are pointing fingers at Oncor, but the company said the crimes of a few are making victims out of many.

    "When there's a hazardous condition, we have to disconnect because of safety for everybody at that apartment," said Megan Wright, an Oncor spokeswoman. "Meter-tampering and theft is more than just a crime. It makes a dangerous safety situation."

    Oncor said the apartment complex has to have an electrician make repairs and then get the city to do a safety inspection before service can be restored.