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AA Flight Makes Two Emergency Stops En Route to London

Flight currently delayed in Ireland

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    An American Airlines flight out of Chicago made two emergency stops on the way to London overnight Tuesday.

    Flight 98 first made an unscheduled stop at Stephenville Airport in Newfoundland for a passenger medical emergency.  The passenger was removed and the flight continued on across the Atlantic to Heathrow Airport in London.

    The flight then had a report of the smell of smoke in the cabin and was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland.

    The pilot was able to land without incident.

    Shannon is not an airport serviced by AA, so they had to bring in a maintenance crew to look at the plane.  Once they arrived, they determined the smell came from an inflight entertainment cooling fan in the main cabin.

    Officials with the airline have not said when the flight will continue to London as the current crew is nearly out of hours and a replacement crew may be necessary.

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