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AA Flight Attendants Stage Mock Strike

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    American Airlines flight attendants demonstrate to rally support for a pay raise.

    American Airlines flight attendants staged a mock strike at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and other major airports around the nation Wednesday.

    The Association of Professional Flight Attendants demonstration was intended to raise support for higher wages in ongoing contract negotiations.

    Flight attendants say they accepted wage cuts of 33 percent years ago to help pull American Airlines from the brink of bankruptcy but have not be rewarded for it.

    “Meanwhile, since 2003, American’s top executives have taken multimillion-dollar bonuses and salary increases and other bonuses totaling 2,500 times the gains of the flight attendants,” said Laura Glading, union president.

    The mock strike came on the 13 anniversary of a flight attendant strike that idled American Airlines.

    “The company has its choice," Glading said. "It’s in their hands whether this simulate strike becomes a reality."

    American Airlines spokeswoman Missy Latham said in a written statement that the two sides have made steady progress at the bargaining table but “must recognize the competitive and business realities of the industry today.”

    “Our flight attendants already receive near industry-leading pay and benefits,” she said.

    Passengers watching the flight attendants picketing at DFW airport had mixed reactions.

    “They should be happy to have jobs right now,” Misty Canale said.

    But frequent flier Sam Chacon sided with the flight attendants.

    “I really appreciate what they do, and I think they do need our support,” Chacon said.

    If differences with the company are not resolved, union leader has promised not to call a strike over the busy holiday travel season.