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And the Winner of "Survivor: Caramoan" Is...



    "Survivor" host Jeff Probst


    Don't even think of reading on if you haven't watched Sunday night's "Survivor" finale. We don't want to hear your spoiler sobbing, so just don't do it.

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    OK, so who survived the 26th season of "Survivor"?

    "Survivor: Caramoan" crowned it's winner Sunday during the season finale, and after almost 40 days and two medical evacuations it was down to Dawn Meehan, Sherri Biethman and John Cochran.

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    But the one who took it all was...

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    Cochran, with a unanimous vote!

    "Obviously, it feels incredible," Cochran said after he was named the Sole Survivor and was sent home $1 million richer. "I've loved this game for half of my life. It's a dream come true."

    The news may not come as a total shock to fans who have been following this season, since Cochran had smooth sailing throughout the show. Regardless, it is a great victory for the guy who was once battling on "Survivor: South Pacific," and deemed weak.

    Talk about redemption.

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