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And Now, Your Wade Phillips Firing Over/Under




    When Jerry Jones failed to fire Wade Phillips at the end of last season, it was one of the more surprising reprieves from an owner who isn’t, generally, well known for handing them out. I think we’re now deep enough into this 2009 season to admit to ourselves that, while the Cowboys may be talented, they sure as hell aren’t very consistent. Yesterday’s debacle against the Broncos served as a microcosm of it all: sometimes excellent plays (particularly Romo’s late pass to Sam Hurd to get Dallas into position to tie the game) undermined by sloppy play, boneheaded mistakes, and breathtakingly stupid play calling.

    You can point your finger for the loss in virtually any direction and find a worthy target, but let’s heap our scorn upon Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett for the team’s uneven play, shall we? Let’s sample the message boards and Twitter feeds!

    Why are Garrett and Wade still employed? They should have been fired prior to this season..... another year down the sad…

    If he loses any of KC, ATL, SEA I think hes gone…

    In a battle of looking clueless on the sidelines, who would win in a battle between Bobby Bowden & Wade Phillips?

    Gotta blame Wade Phillips. He got out coached all day & why are they going at Champ with their #3 WR? No play for Witten?…

    Wade Phillips has lost control of his troops. R Williams should have been on the field those last two plays IMO. Even as decoy…

    I wish someone in the Dallas media would have the fortitude to call for Wade Phillips' firing. Do it, and do it now…

    Hey, I’m in the media. Kind of! And I have fortitude, too! So I can go ahead right now and say officially that I am calling for Wade’s ouster. Had I written here a year ago, I would have done the same. I would have done the same the day he was hired if given the opportunity.

    The point is that, while Wade is a nice man and in many ways just a puppet coach for the Double J, he isn’t fit to be an NFL head coach regardless. And yesterday’s game officially marks he beginning of headhunting season for ol’ Wade. From now on, let’s set aside one pot a week to speculate on just when Jerry Jones might decide to pull the plug on Wade Phillips. Maybe he’ll elevate Jason Garrett.  Then Garrett won’t have time to call plays.  Then he can't have Witten stay in to block. EVERYONE WINS!

    Your official Wade Phillips Firing Over/Under is… Week 9. That way, Jerry has time to see how Garrett will do for eight weeks as head coach. And then, he can fire him, too.