Snow Covers Denton County Courthouse

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A day after thunderstorms rumbled through North Texas, the rain turned to big, wet snowflakes and covered Denton's town square.

There have been reports of between two and three inches of snow in Denton.

Maribeth Pappas and her husband Jeff drove from Dallas Saturday morning when they saw reports of snow in Denton.

"We just had breakfast, we just made a snow angel, and we'll probably have a snowball fight shortly," said Maribeth Pappas.

The ground around the Denton County Courthouse was completely blanketed in snow.

"We get snow so rarely, that when we do get it, you want to enjoy it. Seeing the dogs running around is just so much fun," said Jeff Pappas.

For some kids and pets, it was their first time seeing snow.

"Our puppy Ralphie walked outside and sniffed at the snow and pounced on top of a pile of it, so he's in love. We're not going home anytime soon," says Lani Bell of Denton.

NBC 5's Keisha Burns said the light accumulation won't stick around for long and that the snow fall in North Texas should come to an end before noon.

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