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iPhone Will Now Tell You When to Pee

RunPee.com launches iPhone app (... Ew?)



    iPhone Will Now Tell You When to Pee
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    Now it's even dealing with your bodily functions! Is there anything an iPhone CAN'T do?

    Like to fly by the seat of your pants? Listen, that's great and all, except it might be the seat of your pants that causes all the problems. Especially if it's because you downed that 64-ounce Diet Cherry Coke.

    No, we're not going to recommend astronaut diapers. But if you've been paying attention to this site (and there WILL be a test later), you might already know about RunPee.com. Users supply a two- or three-minute synopsis at certain points in the movie; you can visit the site to plan your movie bathroom run in advance, secure in the knowledge that you'll know exactly what you're missing.

    You can call it Wiki-pee-dia. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

    So here's where the flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thing comes in. It's all well and good if you're planning to hit that movie ahead of time. But what if you just spontaneously decide to go to a movie, or end up seeing something different than you'd planned? Rejoice: RunPee.com has now launched an iPhone application.

    The app, which costs $0.99, has a built-in timer to let you know how long it is until the next “pee time.” Start the timer when the movie begins, and safe break times are scheduled throughout. It also lets you know whether you should stay till the end of the credits, since some films like Wolverine include bonus footage afterwards.

    After all, every film has scenes that aren’t crucial to the plot -- and a $10 movie ticket is a terrible thing to waste.