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Staging Your Home for Success

What ittakes to get your home ready to sell.



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    The North Texas housing market is slowing going back up, but sellers still need to have a leg up on the competition.

    New home sales were up 3 percent in the last quarter, but sales of previously owned homes were flat, according to Metrostudy Inc.

    Real estate agent Gina Branch says sellers have to kick it up a notch to stand out.

    She recommends removing distracting clutter from floors and countertops.

    Small Changes Can Make A Big Impact

    [DFW] Small Changes Can Make A Big Impact
    When it comes to staging your home for sale, making small changes can make a big impact with a potential buyer.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 8, 2010)

    "Clutter is the biggest issue," Branch said. "It makes rooms look smaller."

    She also said owners can turn on all the lights and open the windows to make the home appear bigger.

    Other nice touches include spending a few dollars on fresh flowers and baking cookies.

    "When a buyer walks in, they smell grandma's house," Branch said. "They smell home."

    The comfort food can keep buyers in the house longer, she said.

    "If you can create that emotional 'wow' experience when buyers walk through the door, (you have a) much, much better chance of selling the house for a higher amount of money in a smaller amount of time," Branch said.

    Curb appeal is also a very important part of the selling process. Branch recommends that buyers make sure their lawns look nice, or buyers may turn away before they even step foot inside.

    "You only get once chance to make that first impression," she said.