Tyron Smith on Randy Gregory: “He's Going to be Pretty Good”

Smith and Gregory have been battling in OTAs all week

Dallas Cowboys rookie defensive end Randy Gregory couldn’t help but smile when discussing his battles with All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith in OTAs on Wednesday.

“I’ll let him talk about it. I’m not going to speak too much on it, but I think we had a pretty good battle,” Gregory said, per the Dallas Morning News. “He did a good job, but I think I won a couple there. I know I won a couple there. He may not agree to it. The important thing is he made me better. Hopefully I’m helping him out and when it’s all said and done we can both help out the team.”

In fact, Smith didn’t agree that Gregory got the better of him “a couple” times. Once, sure, but not twice. But Smith was impressed with the Cowboys’ second round pick all the same.

“He got me once. Yeah,” Smith said, quickly clarifying how many times Gregory beat him. “He’s a swift kid. He’s pretty quick, a different type of rusher. He’s going to be pretty good. As an older guy, you kind of get a little aggravated at first. Something you messed up on that you have to clean up, that’s basically all it was.”

Smith remembers being a rookie and doing battle in practice with DeMarcus Ware well. Now, he’s in the role of vaunted veteran going against a brand new no. 94, and it’s a role Smith takes seriously.

“I just know how important it is to get help from older guys so any kind of questions or extra work he needs I’m always there for any kind of question he has or anything I can help him out with,” Smith said. “The kid coming in the way he is now, he seems like he’s pretty good already. He seems like he’s going to be a guy who fits into our program.”

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