Roy Williams Will Never Change

Okay, so you got whiny Roy Williams earlier this week. And just yesterday, you were treated to contrite and introspective Roy Williams, which is nice change, I guess. Supposedly, Williams now realizes that his shortcomings (ten dropped passes, worst in the NFL) are of his own making. He finally GETS it now. He’s totally gonna turn around and be awesome. He swears!

I, uh, don’t believe this.

Roy Williams was supposed to be a totally different player at the BEGINNING of this season. Remember all the work he did with Romo in the offseason? Remember that he decided to start lifting? Remember how he was a changed man? Then the season began, and Williams has been, for the most part, the same uninspiring player he was last year, if only somewhat more productive. Even when he scores a TD, his celebration is so self-aggrandizing you want to punch him in the face.

At this point, the Roy Williams you’ve seen all season long is the Roy Williams you’re going to get. He may say a switch went on at long last. I assure it has not. And again, we find ourselves wasting time in the middle of an otherwise successful Cowboys season to fret about Williams and his wasted potential.

Williams is a bust. He was the second he stepped in the door at Valley Ranch, and he always will be. Nothing is going to change. Ed Werder of ESPN is right:


The Cowboys ignored their own internal reports on Williams that Jones should be leery of paying huge money to a player with a questionable work ethic who had never significantly improved himself.

People show you who they are all the time. Eventually, you have to believe them.

And I do. In fact, at this point, the only person who doesn’t see the writing is on the wall for Roy Williams is Roy Williams himself. And that’s all too typical.

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