Romo to Jerry: Forget the Cap

Cap, schmap. Luxury tax, schmuxury schmax.

That's basically the thought of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo this offseason coming off a banner year for the modern-era Cowboys, who actually won 12 regular-season games, a playoff game and were within a suspect no-catch call from playing in at least the NFC Championship Game against a team they'd already beaten in the regular season.

It's no secret that Romo's window on his career is only a few more years — five years, tops — and it's also no secret that Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, 72, is no spring chicken.

So could Romo and Jerry be conspiring to blow the salary cap out of the water to make a serious run at another Cowboys Super Bowl?

"Jerry, see [Jerry's son and Cowboys VP and seemingly heir apparent] Stephen, he’s got himself about 25-30 years of this ahead. Jason [Garrett], coach, maybe something similar to that,” Jones remembers Romo saying, as he told ESPN Dallas. “Me, I’m three to five. You’re three to five. We got to stick together. It’s now for us.”

So if you had infinite money to spend, who's No. 1 on your Cowboys free agent list? Ndamukong Suh? Sounds good, go make it happy, Jerry.

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