Rangers Bring Back Stubbs

So, get used to a Drew Stubbs-Justin Ruggiano platoon in left field, because it looks like that's probably happening.

The Rangers brought back Stubbs on a minor-league deal on Friday, as reported by several outlets, after he played for the Rangers for a month last season, mainly as a defensive replacement in the outfield and as a pinch-hitter. Stubbs had just two hits in his 26 at-bats with the team, but he did steal three bases, as well, without being caught.

The biggest Stubbs highlight in Texas last year came on a game-ending catch to wrap up a huge win in the final week of the season against the Tigers that gave us one of the best images of the season of Stubbs scaling the wall in front of the Rangers' bullpen with the relievers celebrating his catch in the background.

While Stubbs is an accomplished defender, he hasn't had a bat worth much in years since a couple of decent years with the Reds and Rockies.

Worse yet, Stubbs is right-handed, just like Ruggiano, so there is still no real answer of what the Rangers' plan will be against right-handed pitching with Josh Hamilton out indefinitely.

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