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Maligned Garrett Entering Crossroads With Cowboys

A lot of y'all wonder why Jason Garrett still coaches the Cowboys, while men such as Mike Mularkey and Jack DelRio are unemployed.

The explanation isn't all that complicated.

Mularkey led the Titans to an 18-14 record in two seasons and won a playoff game, 22-21, against Kansas City earlier this month. But the Titans' front office never really bought into him, which is why they reportedly talked about firing him, if he lost the Wild Card game against the Chiefs.[[459650663,R]]

Quarterback Marcus Mariota is Tennessee's most valuable asset and the front office didn't feel like Mularkey was doing a good enough job developing him, so they got rid of him.

Del Rio went 12-4 last year and 4-12 this year. He'd probably still have a job but owner Mark Davis has been obsessed with Jon Gruden coaching his team. Once Gruden let it be known he was interested in coaching after nearly a decade in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth, Del Rio was going to get fired regardless of his record in 2017.

Garrett remains the Cowboys' coach because Jerry Jones doesn't view him as the primary culprit for the debacle that was the 2015 season or the frustrating 2017 campaign.

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