Indiana Outpaces Mavs

Mavericks lose final preseason game 114-97

Boy do the Mavericks backups look bad on defense.  For the second straight game, the Mavs were in a close game going into the 4th quarter, only to get blown out.   Tonight, they let the Pacers go on a 23 to 2 run in less than 6 minutes.  In the end, Indiana won the game 114-91.

Sure Dirk Nowitzki finished the game with his first double-double of the preseason, yeah Jason Kidd had 8 rebounds, and alright, Erick Dampier had 11 rebounds.  But the Pacers were 10 games under .500 last year and you can't let Marquis Daniels score 22 points on you.

The preseason is now finished.   Dirk and company open the regular season next Thursday at home against the Rockets.

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